Saturday, March 19, 2016

Alla Prima Figure Painting: Mark of the Artful Gardens (Oil, 14 x 8)

I went to the Artful Gardens again this morning. There were a whole bunch of FGCU students doing volunteer work there. My friend Mark was teaching them how to put the beam onto the two strong wood columns standing on the ground. I didn't know what kind of building they were trying to put up. At first, I wanted to paint one of the students. However, they were so mobile that there was no way I could grab anyone of their images. For a while, Mark was standing on the ground talking to them instead of modeling on the ladder. I decided to paint Mark. After all, he was less mobile. In about 15 minutes, he finished teaching and was about to leave. I asked if he could be kind enough to stay there for 10 minutes more. So while he was standing there talking about his wife and family, I rushed to wrap up the painting. It took not quite a half hour for the whole thing. When the college kids were taking a break and it began sprinkling, I decided to call it a day.

The Artful Gardens:!news/c11bq

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