Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Oil Sketches at the Park

Since the temperature in the morning was not bad, I went to the Forest Park, pretty early this morning. I saw an Indian couple was sitting on the bench practicing yoga. During their break, I asked the lady if I could paint her. She didn't speak English. When I gestured to her that I was an artist and wanted to do her a painting, she nodded her head with a smile before she went back to the bench and continued her yoga practice.

In about 15 minutes when I had barely blocked in large chunks of color, a Russian woman came and the Indian couple got off the bench and stopped their practice. When I asked what was going on, the Russian woman told me that the Indian lady was going to teach a yoga class. Obviously she was one of Rajdutt's disciples.When she saw my unfinished painting, Rajdutt asked her disciple to translate to me that she would be on the same bench at 6:50 AM tomorrow morning and I could go on with my painting of her. I am an early riser so it would not be a problem with me. Therefore, I put away the draft and used a new canvas paper to paint the homeless, sleeping not far behind her.


Sleep-In at the Park

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