Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Figure/Portrait Painting: Rajdutt and Lea

I went to the Park this morning to continue the painting of Rajdutt. When I got there, she and her husband were already jogging. I quickly got to the bench and set up. I was ready by the time she came to practice yoga on the bench. She wore an orange robe and I liked its reflection on her face. However, she sat only about 20 minutes and stood up, saying she had to go. Fortunately, I got her face. I added a blurred background after she left but was not satisfied. I may change it tomorrow. One way or another I have to wrap up even if it is only another 20 minutes.

Some dog walkers sat not far from me. One of them, Lea, agreed to let me paint her. She let me paint for around 40 minutes. She said she would be there tomorrow, too. So it is to be continued, too.

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