Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ink Wash: Figures

I planned to make a portrait of one of my friends this morning. Unfortunately when I got his home, something happened out of schedule and he had to take care of it. Since it was pretty warm today, I didn't feel like doing plein air around noon time. Therefore, I came back home and decided to do what I had been thinking of doing for quite some time. That is, like Wendy Artin, using ink wash to draw figures. Unlike Artin who uses live models, I went online and found some figures from Croquis Cafe and New Masters Academy and with the Pause button, I stopped the video clip to hold the pose. It was not cheating because my purpose was to study the techniques instead of practice. Like water color, ink wash has an issue of time. Too wet or too dry, I can't get the effect. Wendy Artin uses clean brushes to suck excessive water. I tried to use Q-tips and cotton balls. It works for me. Again, I felt it was a struggle with myself. You shouldn't allow yourself too much time. As you can tell, I stayed with it too long in water that the surface of the paper gave away.