Friday, April 10, 2015

En Plein Air: The Veranda of the Burroughs' House (Oil, 11 x 12)

This morning I went to downtown Fort Myers with the Lee Plein Air group to paint some grand mansions which are the preserved historical buildings and are now the tourist hot spots, especially the Burroughs and Langford Kingston Houses. Around 100 years ago, these are the gathering sites for the local social elite including Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. What I did today was only the veranda of the Burroughs House. It was a Georgian architectural style mansion, with which, after living in southern Georgia for a dozen or so years, I am pretty familiar. Verandas or covered corridors are a big thing for Georgian homes. When I set up to paint it, I knew the shadows and lighted spots would change quickly and I needed to prepare for painting out of the effect. Overall, I remembered and painted everything as I first set my eyes on it except for the shadows on the building itself. Later I realize that it was not bad to leave the whole building walls in the sun instead of partially.

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