Tuesday, March 3, 2015

En Plein Air: Paul's Took Shack (Oil, 10 x 12)

I can't believe it! This morning the owner of the place I painted happened to be the brother of the owner of Moloy Hay Company at which I painted yesterday.

It was very foggy this morning, so I waited till the fog lifted before I went out to paint. I didn't want to go too far. When my car was nearing Tuckhoe Road, I impulsively told myself to turn left instead right as I usually would do. Remembering I once painted on Style St. the entrance of a huge hay storage place, I spontaneously drove in that direction. This time I pulled in and saw two guys were busy with a platform trailer. They allowed me to pant there. When I finished the picture, I showed it to Paul, the owner. He smiled and said it WAS his tool shack, which actually was an added roof at the back of his machinery garage. During our conversation, I was surprised to find that his last name was also Moloy and they were actually two brothers.

I am still interested in studying value relationships and you can tell that was a good opportunity to study that.

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