Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sketch: A Young Passenger on M Train, Queens, NY

It was raining this morning. I didn't plan to paint rainy scenes so I did chores at home. I had to make a short trip to Elmhurst to do some quick shopping. This sketch was what I did within the five stops on M Train. A girl sitting diagonally from me playing with her smartphone. On my way back home I thought I could do another one. Unfortunately, after I got on the train, I searched all my pockets but couldn't find my pen. Later, when I got up from the seat to get ready for the stop, an Asian Indian came over from the other side of the train to pick up the pen from where I sat and gave it back to me, saying, "I was sitting there and saw it slip out to the seat. I tried to gesture and call your attention, but you didn't see me." I thanked him for helping me find the pen but by then, I had arrived at my destination. It turned out there was a hole in my jacket pocket.

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