Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Plein Air Oil Painting and Drawing Sketches

Reconstruction in Midtown Manhattan (Madison Ave. & E. 53 St.)
Oil on panel, 12 x 9
I tried to paint the contrast in lighting in the City, but the painting is not totally to my satisfaction. Maybe next time I should wear sunglasses and don't take them off till I am going to paint the scene, like the Impressionists did. That may help give me a more accurate feeling of the contrast in lighting. Last time when I saw the crane in the sun, it was very bright, but I don't think it is light enough in my painting.
I am also including the three drawng sketches below. I did them last week. One is a passenger on subway. The other two were done at the Senior Center. I did quite a few sketches of different people there while waiting for my wife. Unfortunately, the subjects got all the best I did there before I could have a picture taken to keep in my record. The two I post here are simply leftovers.

A Subway Passenger

Feeling Ear lobes (Aerobic Exercise Couch)

Pushing Hands (Tai Che Move)

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