Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sketch Drawings: Passengers on 7 Train, New York City


We had to do some shopping at Flushing today, so, like usual, we took 7 Train. The two sketches are what I did on our way to and from Flushing. In the first one, the guy was dozing off or thinking of something which had caused hime headache. His partner seemed to be very much concentrated on her smartphone. The second one is a passenger. He obviously belonged to the young people who fashionably belted their pants ten inches below their waist to show their beautiful underwears. If there is such a fashionable young man who is nearby, I often compliment him on his classy taste by saying, "Nice underwear!" This time I didn't have the chance because he was too far for me to express my appreciation. Sometimes, I think fashion is a strange thing. It is something like an epidemic or a spell. Once it is over you, you don't mind hurting yourself, going broke, or even killing like some New York school kids did several years ago. I don't want to be aesthetically judgmental, but whenever I see today's high-heel platform shoes, I can't help but think of the shoes one of my relatives wore many years ago. He was a polio patient with legs not of the same length.


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