Monday, May 22, 2017

En Plein Air: Terry's Farm (Acrylic 10 x 17)

It is actually a warm up for my switch to the use of acrylic as a medium. Yesterday my oil paint box was too dry to be used in painting. Therefore, I decided to clean it and switch to use acrylic instead. I had plenty of acrylic paints in my storage. I knew I must use them before letting them be dried up and get hardened. However, I loved painting in oil so much that I postponed switching till yesterday when I realized the oil paints were too dry to be used anymore. The situation finally gave me a chance to switch to acrylic. 

This morning, I loaded the car with the new acrylic painting kit but didn't know where I was going to paint. It was hot and humid, so I told myself that I needed to find a place with some kind of shade so that I would not get a heat stroke. I realized I had not been to Tuckhoe Road for quite some time. I knew quite a few residents along the road. Many of them owned horse or cattle farms. I painted Terry's farm a couple of times before. When I turned onto the trail at the farm, Terry saw me and knew I was was going to paint. He was very nice and would let me paint there whenever I felt like. I parked my car right by the fence when I noticed the haystack which was kind of purplish in the morning sun. It blended so well with the old oaks and the grass. I settled down right away to paint there. 

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