Friday, May 26, 2017

En Plein Air: Bridge Reconstruction (Acylic, 10 x 17)

This morning I first went to Tuckhoe Road to see it there was something to paint. I was surprised to know that my friends Lane and Debbie had sold their farm and moved away a half year ago. Then I called Mary to see if I could go to her farm to paint animals. Unfortunately, she was not home. After that, I tried the Pearl Road in Alva. Still, there was nothing. Finally, I drove all the way to Buckingham and arrived at the Hut Restaurant. I had been there painting a couple of times, either with Lee Plein Air Group or by myself. I noticed the wooden bridge behind the Hut was under reconstruction. Maybe the timing was good while we were still in the dry season. Before I could set up, the property owner Terry came in his four-wheeler to see what this old Asian man was doing on his territory. After knowing I was there to paint the bridge, he was very friendly and didn't mind I helping myself to his property.

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