Friday, May 12, 2017

Alla Prima Figure Sketch: Carolyn (Oil, 20 x 16)

Carolyn is a resident of the Memories Care Section of the Winkler Court Nursing Home. I asked the section director yesterday if I could go there and do a figure with someone instead of a portrait. Kirsten recommended Carolyn. Carolyn was very cooperative. However, there was some kind of excitement during the time I was painting her. First of all, A new resident seemed to be not getting along with the old ones. She picked up a fight with Carolyn because Carolyn wanted to ask her best friend to be with her in the hall while the new resident felt they were in her way. Secondly, because of her dementia problem. Carolyn had trouble staying in the same posture for very long. She often forgot what her last pose was in spite of my reminding her. I had to use gestures to make her come back to the old pose. It was kind of exhausting. Finally, she simply left before I finished the painting. 

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