Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Oil Sketch: Jenniffer and Her Baby (Oil, 9 x 12)

It is a cool day today. I didn't go out till after 2 PM, so it was impossible to go too far to paint, especially with my leg problem. I knew there would be sunbathers, dog lovers, and elderlies in the park with a fine weather like this. I I crossed the street to the Forest Park. As I expected, quite a few people were enjoying the cool breeze in the shaded woods expect for the sunbathers. I saw a girl sitting with her legs criss-cross on the grass, playing with a small puppy, most likely a chihuahua. I decided to paint her. However, by the time I had set up. she began to pack her backpack and left with her puppy.

I felt at a loss, wondering what I was going to paint when a young mother with her baby in a stroller coming toward me. She stopped by and said with a smile, "Hi, would you do it if I commission you to paint a picture of my baby?" "Of course," I gave a positive answer. Then I suggested, "Why don't you sit there on the grass with your baby and let me paint you?" I quickly added "It's just a figure sketch. I am not focusing on the face." She agreed. So I made this sketch in 40 minutes at most.

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