Sunday, August 21, 2016

En Plein Air: W. 125th St. 1 Train Station (Oil, 9 x 12)

I went to Harlem, NY this afternoon. In this part of the City, the subway went overhead. On top of the bridge was 1 Train Station. Underneath it was 125th St. The subway tracks went along right over the Broadway. Maybe there was a serious safety issue here 30 years ago, but now it seemed to have much improved. Even though I knew the New York subway  followed a weekend schedule, I had no idea how it worked. As a result, it took me as long as I flew from Florida to New York to get home. I mistakenly pulled my easel up and down the staircase for nothing at the subway stations because of the changed schedule. And it felt like a sauna bath underground at the subway station. What an experience!