Friday, August 5, 2016

En Plein air: Lexington Ave. on Hilltop (Oil, 9 x 12)

I planned this morning to paint the Untermyer Fountain at the Central Park. Before I left home, I used Google Map to find out how I could get there by subway. I could take either E or F train and then switch to local train B and 6 respectively. However, when I was on the subway, I confused the two different routes. I meant to switch trains at 59 St., but ended up getting off at 53 St. I always dreaded subway transfers at that station because it was very confusing. it was no exception this time, either. By the time I went up three flights of escalators, I realized it was the wrong direction. Going uptown platform was on the other side of the tracks. To make it worse, I suddenly realized , to my dismay, the two parallel escalators were both going up and you had to walk if you were going down. There were no other options. I had to carry my kit all the way down the three steep flights fo staircases. Again, there were no elevators when I got off at E 103 St. Therefore, I had to carry my kit again up all those steps.

When I finally got out the subway station, I realized there was 13 more minutes' walk to the Untermyere Fountain. At that time, I noticed this whole block of Lexington Ave was on the hillside with the next intersection was the hilltop. The whole block was in the shade. exhausted as i was, I didn't even hesitate but crossed the street to set up to paint the hillside street.

On my way to and back from the trip, I grabbed a few sketches on the subway.

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