Tuesday, June 13, 2017

En Plein Air: Jodi's Place (Acrylic 12 x 16)

This morning I went to Terry's place again. I really like his place. He and his family had quite a few banana trees and bamboos there, which reminded me of my hometown, Hangzhou, China, where you would see bamboos all over the mountains. I decided to paint the fence with the poles of uneven heights which made it look natural and graceful. I also used the shed as the midground. There were an RV and some orange color farm machinery in it

Toward the end of painting, Terry came to see how I was doing. When he saw the nearly completed painting, Terry asked me what title I would give to it. I had not thought of it yet. He immediately suggested "Jodi's Place" as a title. I happily accepted it and really appreciated him for his thoughtfulness and keeping his wife in mind. I remembered last time after I finished painting the farm and uploaded it to my blog, I simply named it Terry's Farm as its title without giving much thought to its appropriateness. It was very nice of him to make me realize that home was a place for a couple as a whole, not just one of them.

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