Tuesday, February 2, 2016

En Plein Air: E 12 Street on A Foggy Morning (Oil, 8 x 14)

I meant to go to Artful Gardens this morning. I took E 12 street and planned to get there by way of Gunnery. However, before I hit Sunshine Blvd., the scene in the heavily foggy weather attracted me, especially when i saw a lone tree standing on a road curve. There was not much traffic, so I made a U-turn and pulled over on road shoulder. My experience told me I got to hurry 'cause the fog would lift quickly. It took less than an hour.

I;ve never been to the Artful Gardens. I received an E-mail from Denny telling me the Lee Plein Air Group will go there on Friday. Since it was not far from my home, I thought of checking it out today. Anyway, I will still go to the Artful Gardens on Friday with the group.

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