Sunday, January 24, 2016

Alla Prima Portrait: Helen (oil, 20 x 16)

I went to Winkler Court Nursing Home this morning. My friend Kirsten was on duty. She had already made arrangement for me with Helen, a nursing home resident, originally from Brooklyn, NY. The site was pretty spacious, in a hall near the entrance. There were in it a grand piano, some easy chairs and coffee table. I pushed Helen's wheelchair to the window and added a spot light I had with me. The process went smoothly. Her portrait didn't take quite two hours.

When I was finished, Kirsten said, "I want to show the portrait to those guys, so we went to the cafeteria where about two dozens of seniors were eating. Kirsten yelled, "Hey, guys. I want to show you this portrait. Do you know who she is?" Everybody claimed, "Helen!" And I got a lot of compliments. Helen liked it, too. She said I did her hair justice.

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