Friday, January 29, 2016

Alla Prima: Dolores (Oil, 20 x 16)

A week ago when I was painting Helen at Winkler Court Nursing Home, a lady sitting in a wheelchair on an oxygen-supporting equipment was with her. She claimed that she wanted her portrait painted, too. My friend Kirsten told her that it had to be some other time. Later she asked me if I could do her a portrait as well. I agreed but didn't say when.

Two days ago when it was pouring the whole day and I knew I could not go out to paint en plein air, I called Kirsten if i could come and paint the lady. She said she was not working that day, so we agreed I go there today to paint the lady.

The lady's name is Dolores. During the time of painting, she told me she was adopted from New Jersey. When she grew up, she married a Seminole Indian who passed away not long ago. She insisted not to use the oxygen system because of the tubes on her face in spite of the fact that I told her she could use it till I told her to take off.

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