Friday, October 23, 2015

Alla Prima Figure Sketch: Joseph (Oil, 17 x 12)

I tried to get rid of the bad feelings which had stayed with me from yesterday's portrait studio painting, so I went to Winkler Court Nursing Home this morning. My friend Kirsten, the director was not there when I arrived. It would not be a problem since everyone there, from janitors and nurses to the front desk,  knew me and were willing to help me. One of the nurses suggested I use either their snack room or the TV room. I decided on the TV room. Therefore, one after another, she brought the residents to the easy chairs in the room. She led Joseph to the chair I had arranged for my model. I immediately got down to business.

In the middle of my painting, a man and a woman showed up at the door. The nurse came over and spoke softly in my ear that it was their church service time. I said they could come and do the service with them if they didn't mind I staying there continuing my painting. I would not bother them. Therefore the man and woman from a local church came to talk and sing gospels with them. It was the first time I was involved in nursing home church activity. One Spanish-speaking lady seemed to be their favorite, I guess. She sang passionately while some other nursing home residents harmonized with their loud rhythmic snoring. Surrounded in such a spiritual environment, while painting, I joined them for their "amens" and "harllelujahs", mindlessly, to be honest. All my artist friends knew that they could never make me listen when I was painting or drawing, so the yelling was the best I could do.

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