Thursday, May 7, 2015

Images in the Park

Ever since my experience with Dr. Pepper (Lawrence) in a Florida park, I've become more sensitive to homeless in this country and more cognizant of their physical appearance and situation. I began to notice a number of people who sit, sleep or doze off in New York parks every morning are homeless. They often have their belongings with them, either in a shopping cart or bags. They sit on the same bench almost everyday. So I decided to expose the dark side of capitalism this morning by sketching the three images.

Everything has two sides. As far as the dark side of society is concerned, sometimes, we may instinctively don't want to see or feel comfortable to see, as is described in the song Sound of Silence. Sometimes, some people don't want us to see or prefer we don't consciously care about it.  Before I went to the park in the morning, I read online a satirical article, titled It is a Kind of Happiness to Live in a Lie. I had only heard previously a line from German poet/playwright Friedrich Schiller's drama: It is a kind of happiness to destroy others' happiness. It piqued my interest, so I read the article. The article is about China. There, the powerful controls media and internet so good that ordinary people live in such a lie that they are not cognizant of the seriousness of corruption, pollution, crimes, poverty, etc. To certain extent, people are made to believe it is safer to yourself if you act as if not seeing it. Maybe it is a kind of happiness if you can learn to close your eyes to what is happening around you.

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