Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oil Plein Air: Backside of the Church

Remember in 1997 when I was at the Conference in Paris, I took a trip to a small town named Aur sevior, which was about 60 miles from Paris. It was the town in which Van Gogh spent the last two months of his life. He moved there based on his doctor's advice to paint in order to divert his attention from health problems. He painted almost everyday around the town. Now the town lives on the starving artist who ended his own life there. I went to visit the local Catheric church, which Van Gogh painted its backside because he, a protestant, was not accepted by the church. Today I painted the backside of the Schientific Christian Church in Forest Garden because I had painted its front side before.
I made a mistake today by wearing a short-sleeve T-shirt with no bug spray with me. I was attacked by mosquitoes, which forced me to paint really fast and ignore minor details.

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