Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It seemed to be pretty busy at the NYU Langone Medical Center this morning and some patients realized that they were behind the schedule. While waiting, I began to sketch as I usually did. I noticed a lady sitting in a chair nearby at a right angle to me. She had very interesting features. So I took out my cretacolor stick and began to draw a profile instead of a whole figure as I did ordinarily.

The waiting room was crowded and there was another lady sitting on my left side and a gentleman on my right. They were both enjoying watching me drawing. The lady whispered in my ear: "You've really got her. I'd like to be the next one to be drawn." I responded her with a smile, knowing there would not be enough time to draw her. To my surprise, the man sitting on my right suddenly told my "model" that I was drawing her. His big mouth caused me troubles. The woman insisted on seeing what I did. When I showed her, she was not happy and said the drawing didn't look like her at all. 

Usually, I try to avoid being noticed whenever I was drawing figures outside in the public. Drawing is totally my personal visual dialogue with the environment. I work hard to realistically record what I see. Of course, sometimes, the images do not appear flattering to the people I draw. However, once in a while, I ran into some big-mouth trouble makers. 

By the time my physical therapy session was over, the therapist, who was also a fan of my drawings, told me to be careful next time because my "model" had complained to one of the center operators.

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