Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sketches Done at Bruges and Brussels

Yesterday morning we took Belgian local train from Bruges to Brussels. While the train stopped at Gent Sait Pieters Station for a minute, from my train window I caught two passengers waiting on the platform. A young violinist happened to sit across from the aisle on train. I also got him in my sketch.

When we arrived in Brussels, we took bus and subway to Beuse, downtown Brussels. Beuse was an ancient stock market which is currently used as a memorial site for the victims of the recent terrorist attack, sort of like the Trinity Cathedral in Downtown Manhattan after the 9/11 attack. All of its columns were wrapped with national flags of different countries. All over the ground in the front part of building was covered with flowers, candles, loving words, pictures, etc. After we paid our respect, we sat at table outside an eatery across from Beuse and I made the following sketch.

Of course, we didn't forget to see the famous Manneken Pis of Brussels, that is, the pissing-boy statue. There were on the street corner so many people who wanted to have a picture taken with the indecent boy.

In late afternoon, we went to Midi Zuid International Railway Station to take the Eurostar train under the English Channel back to London. Belgium is an interesting country. In Bruges, the local people speak Dutch and you would not have trouble communicating with people in English but everyone in Brussels speaks French and communication could be an issue. The train trip under the sea was no fun at all because it was pitch dark out of the window. There was absolutely no lights till we were out of the tunnel on the side of the UK so it was not exciting at all. 

We went through complicated security check. I don't know whether it was always so tough or simply because it was right after the terrorist attack. After we were through with it, we had to sit and wait for the right time to board the train. We sat on a bench near the information desk. There were endless different passengers who came to ask questions. They wound not stay at the window for longer than 30 seconds. I could barely fill in details except for their pose line figures. However, I had enough variety for different figures.

Now we are back in London. Today we went to Windsor Castle, the Stonehenge, and Oxford University. With the tour group, I didn't have the chance to draw at all.

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