Monday, August 10, 2015

En Plein Air: Austin Street in Summer Morning (Oil, 12 x 8)

Yesterday while I was taking a walk around Kew Gardens Cinema, I decided to paint the facade of Austin Ale House this morning. It looked so interesting when half of the building was overshadowed by the high apartment building across the street. Against the brightly sun-lit orange brick wall behind, everything in the shadow was so dark. However, by the time I got there this morning, there was a TV crew shooting a sitcom or some program about cops, using the whole block as its setting. I noticed there were several big catering trucks and tents right in front of the bar. It totally altered the composition in my mind for the picture. Therefore, I made a change on spot and decided to paint its facade on Lefferts Ave. It was still early, only the tip of the roof top was touched by the rising sun.

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