Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today's Painting: Fort Myers Beach Artist Pauline

Invited by a classmate of my FGCU Painting course Pauline, I visited Fort Myers Beach Art Association for the first time. I really like their studio.With large wall-to-wall skylights on one side, the room was very spacious and bright. If one row of florescent lights are turned off, the source of light would be very focused and it would be perfect for portrait painting. Since everyone was busy with her own project today and there was no model for portrait, I simply took Pauline as my model while she was working on her own painting. At first I painted her looking down at her painting. It was a good pose. Unfortunately, she didn't come back to the same pose very often. Therefore, I scraped the half done image and started all over again. That is one you see now.

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