Selah (Charcoal, 24 x 16)


Dentist's Parking Lot

David Painting at Forest Park

Isabel Drawing at Forest Park

Charcoal, 24 x 18

 Horseshoer Ray

Horseshoer Ray

 Father and Daughter at SW Fl Airport

Waiting to Board the Plane

Dentist Office

Playing on Cellphone at Dentist Office

Watching TV at Dentist Waiting Room

Piano Tuner

Movie Goer at Bell Tower


Belly Dancer
Ink Wash

Neighbor's House

Waiting for the Dentist

New Patient

College Students
Ink Wash Study

Shoe Shiner on 5th Ave.
Ink Wash 8 x 8

 Eating Lunch at JFK

 Geek at JFK

Geek at JFK

Mother and Children on Subway


Tourists Standing in Awe at St. Patrick's


Jewish Musician

On Subway

Enjoying Street Entertainment

Balloon Vendor

Tourists Stopping to Watch Performance

Old Love Birds on Cape Cod Ferry

 Passenger on Cape Cod Ferry
 Passenger on Cape Cod Ferry
Young Tourists at Cape Cod (I added the girl later when she happened to come to talk to the boy)

Passenger on New York Subway

Spanish Dancer

shopper on the Subway

Two Passengers on 7 Train, Queens, NY

 A Fashionable Underwear-Showing Style

A Passenger on E Train, NYC

Feeling the Ear Lobes (Aerobic Couch at Queens Community House) 

Pushing Hands (Tai Che Move)

 A Young passenger on M Train, Queens, New York

Waiting for the Subway

Marc Cancassi Performing at Flushing Library

Dozing off on Subway

A Geek at the SW Florida International Airport

 Jon in Class
Harley, Kevin, and Caerl

 Senior Student Harley
 Art Instructor Andy Morris
 Art Student Hannah
Art Student Kevin

 Art Student Jon

Art Student Maria

 Bored Husband I (Bell Tower Shopping Center)

 Bored Husband II (Bell Tower Shopping Center)

An Old Couple sitting at the Fountain

Patient at Aspen Dental

Tourist at Eden Winery, Alva, FL

Flamingo Dancer
Ink Wash 12 x 12

From My Window

New Ear Mufflers

Necking on Subway

Waiting for the Flight

Chatting with the Clerk

feeling Bored at the Mall

At T.G.I. Fridays

Torso Practice

Waiting for the Movie to Begin
Singing up for a Regal Card

Waiting to Have a Picture Taken with Santa

Popcorn Line at Movie Theatre
Bell Tower, Ft. Myers

Eating Popcorn at Movie Theater

15-Minute Life Drawing
(Part of Subjective Composition Requirement)

Subjective Composition (Unfinished)

Subjective Composition II

Bag Lady (Model Celeste Borah)
Soft Pastel, 18 x 24


Life Drawing: Model Kate

 Taste-Offering Clerk, Edison Mall Food Court

 Cell Phone Booth (1)

Cell Phone Booth (2)

 One Pose, Four Different Media

(soft pastel)

Keep Smiling
Break Dancer and Ballerina 


one-minute sketch

one-minute sketch

one-minute sketch

one-minute sketch

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