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Weimin Mo, Ed. D. is a retired professor of education. He used to teach at the University of South Florida.  Born and brought up in Shanghai, China, Dr. Mo studied with Chinese famous artist Ha Ding for three years before he moved to this country. During his tenure with USF, he taught pre-service teachers Creative Arts/Creativity in addition to Literacy/Literature courses. He also developed a doctoral course titled “Visual Culture and Picture Books”. Currently, he is a full-time artist.

In art-making, what he tries to do is to make simple things profound and to explore feelings and emotions which humans aesthetically derive from their environment.  He hopes his artwork will provide viewers with a renewed perspective so that they could discover extraordinary beauty in their ordinary surroundings.

His grown-up children live and work in New York and New Jersey, so since his retirement, Dr. Mo has become a reversed snowbird and often travels between NY/NJ and Florida. As a plein air artist, he makes full use of the situation and does his landscape painting in both states. His landscape is often a visual conversation he carries with the environment.

He belongs to several artist groups in Florida. In New York, he is a member of the Fair Weather Friends Outdoor Painting group. If you click the "Photos" section, in one of the albums, you'll see part of his New York painting collection.

On September 26, 2014, when he was painting the carriage house at the River Haven Farm, a Fort Myers newspaper reporter named Amy Williams came to interview him. The interview became a cover story on  Fort Myers Sunday. 

The following is an interview done by reporter Michael Perlman of Forest Hills Times, New York in the first week of December 2014:

Destined to Paint Forest Hills

by Michael Perlman
weimin mo
If you are taking a leisurely stroll around Forest Hills among the trees, the Tudor architecture, or the commercial thoroughfares, you may have stepped into the setting of an oil painting by Weimin Mo, an accomplished artist who sets up an easel and a canvas and captures the neighborhood.

Mo is a native of Shanghai, China. who lives on the outskirts of Fort Myers, Florida, with his wife. Now at age 70, he cherishes his post-retirement life, where he can share quality time with his daughter in New Jersey or son who still calls Forest Hills home, and paint on a nearly daily basis.

“If the weather is nice, I simply go outside and paint,” he said. “If I am going grocery shopping, I sketch with ink on the subway.”

Fans can purchase one of his hundreds of works on hisblog. Works are complemented by summaries of his interpretations of a scene and experiences. In addition, Mo works on commission to paint portraits, houses, boats, or any topic of interest.

Mo’s oil paintings includes “Forest Park, Queens...The Place Where Bridle Path and Human Path Meet,” “The Felders’ Sweet Home,” “Stone Steps To The Terrace,” and “Entrance to the Church-in-the-Gardens.”

“You ask yourself why the homes in the Forest Hills Gardens appear so beautiful, and you can see how the architects who designed them tried to think in terms of their rich variety in a natural environment,” he said.

Mo practives “plein-air,” a technique that stems from painting in the “open air,” which became a dominant aspect of French Impressionism. He sets a goal for each work, and if he fulfills it he is pleased.

“I painted a tree in Forest Park, and wanted to focus on the trunk and its surrounding areas,” he said of a recent work. “It doesn’t have to be a complete scene.”

One of the happiest periods in his life was in high school, when he would visit the atelier of famed watercolor artist Ha Ding.

“We would paint and draw, and he introduced me to many other famous artists who were educated in the Western world,” said Mo.

Another influence was his father, a silk manufacturer. Nevertheless, great achievements are often motivated by harsh experiences, such as when he was reeducated by the military during the period of the Cultural Revolution.

“I had to work on a farm and take care of rice seedlings, but was then told that I could paint ads on walls for propaganda,” he said.

In 1981, Mo arrived in America. After earning a Doctoral degree in 1993, he became an educator and later retired from the University of South Florida.

Mo considers himself an old-timer who has witnessed a world with many changes, but among the consistent factors is the existence of art and its therapeutic properties.

“No matter how different people are politically or culturally, people can always find their common spot in art, and from there, we can discover each other’s beauty,” he said. “Art is a universal language that makes hardships more tolerable and people friendlier.”

Mo recently learned about the new opportunities for local artists in spots such as Red Pipe Organic Café, La Boulangerie, and Ovo Sodo.

“I am interested in displaying my artwork, and also hope to become more familiar with the people of Forest Hills,” he said. “Maybe I will paint them too someday.”

Mo has already expressed interest in painting the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium and Forest Hills High School.

“Always find your own niche in art,” said Mo. “I want people to look at my paintings and realize a scene is beautiful, even though it’s very common. There is something extraordinary in what’s ordinary. You don’t need to travel far, since it doesn’t matter what you paint, but how you paint it.”

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  1. Hello,love your work. I'm a member of Ft Myers Beach Art Assoc. Are you painting out tomorrow (Wednesday) in the Ft. Myers area? Would you like some company of other artists? If so, let me know where you'll be and I'll try to join you. I paint in oils also. mary klunk

    1. Hi, there:

      I am sorry, but I don't read "About Me" in my own blog very often. When I read your message, I was too late.

  2. Hi Mo, it's always a pleasure to receive your emails. I really enjoyed the pictures of Kim's process. I wanted to let you know that I joined the portrait and figure painters society in Fort Myers and was happy to hear that you are a member. I hope to see you there soon. I also joined the Punta Gorda art center that you recommended a year ago. I will be attending the Tuesday class 9-12 on how to paint like the old masters. I really appreciate the info and hopefully I'll see you there also.

  3. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Being a Forest Hills Gardens 'Lifer", I am moved by how you caught the beauty of it's homes, streets and houses.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, for your compliment. Forest Hills Gardens is such a beautiful neighborhood. I hope I have done it justice in my art. It is always a pleasure to paint in the environment deeply immersed in culture and history.

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